Collection of statistics and performance information

Helium Music Manager can (if the user allows it) collect information about how the program is performing. This information is sent to us for analysis. Information is ONLY sent when an unknown issue occurs, such as a bug in the program, or a music file which is corrupt and causes the program to hang.

Which information is being sent?

When an unknown problem occurs the program will:

  1. Save the last performed actions (what the user did just before the problem occurred).
  2. Collects general information about the computer and configuration (ram memory, processor, operating system, screen resolution, hard disk space etc). If the software is Premium or Network we will send your user id so we can contact you in case we need additional information.
  3. Send this information to us.

Only crash logs are included in the report that will be sent. Screenshots will never be included in these reports.

Please allow statistics and performance information to be sent

We greatly rely on the information sent from users with problems and actively use these error reports to solve issues. By enabling this option you help us to build a better product. You don't need to actively do anything, just use the program as you normally would!

Beta version always sends this information

Beta versions of Helium Music Manager will always send the information listed above to us, since this is the reason we release beta versions; to be able to pinpoint problems before releasing a stable version.

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