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Helium Music Manager 7.1 beta now available!

The first beta version of Helium Music Manager 7.1 is now available from the Customer Center for all our current customers of the Premium and Network editions of Helium Music Manager 7. Once logged in to the Customer Center, click the 'Beta section' link to get access to the beta version.

Important notices about Helium Music Manager 7.1


Helium Music Manager 7.1 will be a free update for all existing customers!
NOTE: You will need to re-enter your license details when installing this beta version.

Beta Testing

First a health warning, this is a beta version and so you are very strongly recommended to only test using copies of your database(s) and music.
Bugs for this version should be reported using the integrated reporting tool in Helium Music Manager and not via the user to user forum.
Please note that the online documentation is not fully updated to reflect this new version.

The current beta version will run until the 22th of March 2010, allowing you to use it fully within this time period.

We will be releasing further updates in good time which will extend the current beta version expiry date, meaning that you will be able to continue to test the beta version beyond this date.

About this release

The major goal for this version has been to improve the speed in Helium Music Manager as well as improving workflows and improving stability.
We have been working hard on this release the last couple of months. As usual, we would now like to expand the testing by asking you to beta test the new version before we finally release this new version of Helium Music Manager.

Now read on to find out the exciting news about the most relevant major and minor new functions in Helium Music Manager 7.1.

Major news for Helium Music Manager 7.1

We have kept the list short to increase readability.

  • New cache system which results in a much faster application
  • Playlist handling when synchronizing to iPod devices are improved and bug fixed
  • Improved refresh logic, full refreshes will not occur as often as before
  • Multiple improvements to the File Rename Wizard
  • Color coding in the Tag Editor to track manual changes, filename to tag changes or changes from downloaded data
  • New album artist node in the Music Explorer
  • New Favourite subnodes in the Music Explorer
  • Hover commands in the Artist view
  • Sort element highlighting in the Album browser
  • Taskbar commands and progress indicators now available on Windows 7 operating systems
  • Improved user interface and logic when downloading multiple lyrics and artist information
  • Possibility to search for PUIDs

Apart from the above listed functions, there have been many minor improvements and corrections implemented.

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