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Helium Music Manager 8.5 now available

Helium Music Manager 8.5 is now officially available!

This version comes with fixes and improvements since the last build, as well as new major features which are described below.

Discover your music; find artists and tracks you forgot that you have

Discover artists

We are very excited to introduce the new Discover artists and Discover tracks views for the Music Browser.

Discovering artists

Select any artist from your music collection and choose the Discover artists command to browse artists that are similar to your selected artist. Helium Music Manager will instantly search for similar and related artists in your music collection.

From each artist discovered you can click on that artists name to discover more artists.

You can also click on the number of tracks label to see the a tracklist with tracks from this artist, allowing you to instantly listen to tracks from newly discovered or forgotten artists.

Discover artists - tracklist

Discovering tracks

Clicking a track in the tracklist from the Discover artist function will take you to the Discover tracks view which allows you to find similar tracks related to the selected track.

As for the Discover artists function, related tracks are found by fetching tracks from similar artists in your music collection.

The resulting similar tracks allows further discovering of more tracks and artists.

Discover tracks

A fun way of browsing your collection

The new views are designed to be easy and fun to use. The results are fetched in the background and when downloaded they will be presented in a visually appealing manner with smooth animations and transitions.

Editing information for multiple artists

We have created a new tool that allows you to edit the information for multiple artists simpler and quicker.

The tool comes with a new download feature which will download information from multiple online sources as well as merge it with the existing information with just one click.

Other major improvements

  • This version of Helium Music Manager works well with Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Please note that it will require .NET framework 3.5, which is available as an additional Windows component
  • Major improvements to the FreeDB downloading function used when you rip Audio-CDs. The function is now quicker, more precise and less affected by server timeouts
  • The new Device synchronization tool now supports different settings of what you would like to synchronize related to which destination folder that you have selected
  • Generating of MusicBrainz unique song IDs are now made using the official tool and works both quicker and better
  • Improved speed when downloading from all plug-ins
  • Multiple improvements to the tag reading engine, these changes relates to reading of broken tag-frames found in files tags with different applications
  • Improvements to the Music Browser user interface
  • Improvements to the Windows Media Player importing function so that illegal paths are handled better
  • Updated Russian, German, Dutch, Hungarian and Czech translations

Apart from the above mentioned fixes we have also completed all tickets reported by users since Helium Music Manager 8.4 was released.

Click here to download Helium Music Manager 8.5.

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