Pictures pane

The Pictures pane shows pictures for the selected file, selected album or the track currently playing depending on the selected mode.

If the files contains pictures attached in the tags, these will be shown, otherwise the original album picture will be shown. If the original album picture is unavailable, Helium Music Manager's thumbnailed version will be shown.

When displaying a file with attached pictures you can quickly choose which picture should be displayed from the context menu, if the file contains multiple attached pictures.

The Pictures pane will by default be located below the Left Sidebar, but the panel can be drag and docked to other positions.

Using the Pictures pane

Hide or Show the Pictures pane from View > Panes > Pictures from the Main Menu.

The context menu (available when right clicking the picture area in the Pictures pane) contains the following entries:

  • Attached Pictures (Selected File)
    When selected, the Pictures pane displays attached pictures for the file currently selected in the Track List.
  • Now Playing Picture (Active File)
    When selected, the Pictures pane displays the album image of the file that's currently being played (if any). If the file being played does not contain an attached pictures, Helium Music Manager displays the original album picture, but if that file is not available, Helium Music Managers thumbnail representation is displayed.
  • Album Pictures (Selected Album/File)
    When selected, the Pictures pane displays the selected albums picture (if an album is selected). If a file is selected, the Pictures pane displays the picture of the album which the selected file belongs to.
  • <List of attached pictures>
    If the selected file contains multiple attached picture, each picture is listed as a separate entry with it's description and picture type. Clicking an entry displays that attached image.
  • View/Manage Attached Pictures
    This opens the File Properties tool, which allows you to manage the attached pictures of the selected file.
  • View Original Picture
    This function enables you to view the original image in full-size.

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