Below follows a list of screenshots from various locations in Helium Music Manager. Click on a thumbnail to view it in full size.

  • mibalbdetails ss
    Album Details
  • coverflow ss
  • albthumbs ss
    Album Thumbnails
  • artistview ss
    Artist Browser
  • albumview ss
    Album Browser
  • musicexplorer ss
    Music Explorer
  • mibhmm10 ss
    Music Browser
  • mib artists ss
    Music Browser (artists)
  • mib bio ss
    Music Browser (biography)
  • mib albums ss
    Music Browser (albums)
  • mibyears ss
    Music Browser (Years)
  • mibstats ss
  • vis ss
  • tageditor ss
    Tag Editor (album)
  • ate ss
    Tag Editor (advanced)
  • hmm7-synchronizedevice-thumb.gif
    Synchronize device
  • hmm7-mp3analyzer-thumb.gif
    MP3 Analyzer
  • hmm7-librarymanagement-thumb.gif
    Library Management
  • hmm7-cdripper-thumb.gif
    CD Ripper
  • hmm7-cdburner-thumb.gif
    CD Burner
  • hmm7-audioburner-thumb.gif
    Audio CD burner
  • hmm7-advancedproperties2-thumb.gif
    Advanced properties #2
  • hmm7-advancedproperties1-thumb.gif
    Advanced properties
  • hmm7-addmusic-thumb.gif
    Add Music Wizard
  • splitter ss
    Audio Splitter
  • convert ss
    Convert audio files
  • frw fs2
    Rename files
  • dlalbums ss
    Download album pictures

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